Medicine4Future Initiative

"Our common goal is to improve the management of critically ill patients with first-in-class diagnostics and targeted therapy." Dr. Andreas Bergmann, founder of the Medicine4Future Initiative

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Improving patient outcomes by supporting clinical decisions


The companies of the Medicine4Future Initiative, SphingoTec GmbH, 4TEEN4 Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Adrenomed AG and Nexus Dx Inc., have the common goal to improve the management of critically ill patients and in future help preventing the manifestation of common diseases by developing first-in-class diagnostics and targeted therapies in a hypothesis-driven approach that is deeply rooted in a profound understanding of disease biology. Starting from assay development and growing evidence from large cohort studies, blood biomarkers are associated with relevant patient outcomes in underserved medical conditions. Based on data that prove that a biomarker can reliably monitor outcomes, antibodies are subsequently developed to validate if the biomarker also represents a druggable target. If so, drug candidates are tested in appropriate pre-clinical models and consecutively enter first in-men clinical trials. The Medicine4Future Initiative was established by Dr. Andreas Bergmann, one of the founders and former Chief Scientific Officer of B.R.A.H.M.S. AG where he was responsible for the development of the “gold standard” sepsis biomarker Procalcitonin (B.R.A.H.M.S. PCT™).


Companies of the Medicine4Future Initiative

SphingoTec GmbH

The Biomarker Company SphingoTec GmbH (“sphingotec”;Hennigsdorf by Berlin, Germany) develops and markets innovativein vitro diagnostic IVD tests for novel and proprietarybiomarkers for the diagnosis, prediction and monitoring of acute medical conditions, such as acute heart failure, circulatory shock, and acute kidney injury in order to support patient management and provide guidance for treatment strategies. sphingotec’s assay portfolio includes sphingotest® bio-ADM® the assay for bioactive adrenomedullin, a unique biomarker for real-time assessment of vascular integrity in conditions like sepsis or congestive heart failure, sphingotest® penKid®, the assay for proenkephalin, a unique biomarker for real-time assessment of kidney function and sphingotest® DPP3, an assay for Dipeptidyl Peptidase 3, a unique biomarker for signalling pathway disruptions leading to acute organ dysfunction.Along with Nexus IB10 POC platform acquired from Samsung-subsidiary Nexus Dx, sphingotec markets a standard marker portfolio for acute care. In addition, sphingotec developed a pipeline of novel biomarkers which predict the risks of obesity, breast cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Learn More

Nexus Dx. Inc

Point Of Care Platform Nexus Dx Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of sphingotec,headquartered in San Diego, CA, USA, is a global provider of a near patient testing system and advanced diagnostic solution. The company is improving patient care by providing the medical community with rapid and reliable testing at the point of care (POC), delivering patient information when and where it is needed most. The company has invested over $160m to develop and market the IB10 analyser system which, without the need for sample preparation, automatically separates plasma from whole blood with subsequent reliable and quantitative detection of biomarkers in the plasma by means of antibodies. With a hands-on-time of less than 3 minutes the easy-to-use system provides in only 20 minutes test results for biomarkers that are crucial in the management of critical care patients such as Procalcitonin, Troponin I, CK-MB, Myoglobin, NT-proBNP, and D-Dimer. sphingotecs proprietary test sphingotest® DPP3, an assay for Dipeptidyl Peptidase 3, a unique biomarker for signalling pathway disruptions leading to acute organ dysfunction was recently launched on Nexus IB10. Near-term product launches on Nexus IB10 will include: IB10 sphingotest® bio-ADM®, an assay for bioactive Adrenomedullin, a unique biomarker for real-time assessment of  vascular integrity, and IB10 sphingotest® penKid®, an assay for Proenkephalin, a unique biomarker for real-time assessment of kidney function. Learn More

Adrenomed AG

Vascular Integrity Adrenomed AG is a privately-financed, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company with a clear mission: to rescue vascular integrity in order to save the lives of critically ill patients with limited treatment options. The Company’s lead product candidate is Adrecizumab, a clinical-stage, first-in-class monoclonal antibody. Adrecizumab targets the vasoprotective peptide Adrenomedullin, an essential regulator of vascular integrity to treat life-threatening conditions associated with increased vascular leakage, congestion and shock. Learn More

4TEEN4 Pharmaceuticals GmbH

4TEEN4 Pharmaceuticals GmbH is a biopharmaceutical company developing Procizumab, a humanized antibody targeting human Dipeptidyl Peptidase 3 (DPP3) for the treatment of acute cardiovascular diseases. 4TEEN4 licenses its proprietary biomarker DPP3 to make it available for diagnostic use in indications as acute heart failure, myocardial infarction, cardiogenic shock, and septic shock. The company was established in 2013 in Hennigsdorf near Berlin, Germany, by Dr. Andreas Bergmann, CEO of 4TEEN4, as part of his Medicine4Future Initiative. Learn More